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Heartfelt Valentine’s Hanger

handknit necklace


Happy Valentine’s Day!  A couple of years ago I spotted an easy-to-do felted heart necklace.  Super cute and not only for Valentine’s Day of course.  A felted heart necklace makes a perfect gift or accessory to celebrate any special day.  You can make this in one hour, so let’s get started.

For the best result use some leftover (1 oz) wool yarn and knitting needles US 8 or US 9.  A heart-shaped charm, jump ring, chain-nose pliers and necklace of choice (I used some strands of yarn myself ).

Gauge is not important.  Project is made in Garter stitch, knit every row.

HEART:  Cast on 25 sts.  Row 1: Knit.  Rows 2 to 30: Repeat Row 1.



Bind off knit wise.

FINISHING: It is easy to felt this small piece in the sink.  Mix a small amount of liquid detergent in hot water.  Soak knit piece; agitate between hands until felted.  Rinse with warm water. Dry flat. when completely dry,  draw heart shape (about 0.5″ larger than heart-shape hanger) and cut out your felt heart.


Using chain nose pliers, twist ends of jump ring apart, push end of jump ring into center top of felt heart and then around your necklace.  Close jump ring.




felt neckace


Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog post.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and please leave a blog comment, I always love to hear from you!



This pattern was a design of Coats and Clark



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