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Child’s cardigan with raglan sleeves

I need to get something off my chest.  Since last year I have been more and more occupied with work at school and teaching needle arts on weekends, than with furniture painting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love an occasional re-do job, but I do not have an outlet for selling my newly refinished items and I cannot keep every item I paint…really…NO.   So this blog is evolving, from large furniture refinishing to smaller projects and I will do more and more knitting and crochet projects and patterns.  In case you like to ask a question about any previous painting or knitting project, please do so!  I love to teach and explain how I do things.

Let’s start small:  this little cardigan is a Hayfield pattern (no.4407) and is knitted in Baby Chunky. has the pattern and the you can order a pdf file.  A straightforward  pattern, raglan sleeves with a one button closure.  The interesting part is the Bobble stitch pattern.  I enjoy a challenge and once and a while I will try to knit a technique or stitch pattern never used before.

hand knit baby cardigan



For the collar you have to pick up stitches along the front and back.





Here are the directions for the “bobble pattern stitch” not the entire pattern:

Using Main color (M):

1 row:  Knit

2 row: Purl

(these two rows will now be referred to as st-st (stocking stitch)

work 2 rows more in st-st

5 row: K1, *s1p, M3, rep from *to last st, K1

6 row: P1, *k3tog, s1p, rep from * to last st, P1

Using M (main color) work 4 rows in st-st

Using contrast shade (C):

11 row: K1, *M3, s1p, rep from * to last st, k1

12 row: P1, ybk, *s1p, k3tog, rep from * to last st., p1

From 1st to 12th row sets pattern.

You can apply this bobble stitch to any simple cardigan or sweater pattern.

This is a fairly new Hayfield pattern and I don’t think you will have a problem obtaining it online or at your favorite yarn store.  I recommend you use the Baby Chunky yarn, recommended by Hayfield.  It knits up beautifully and fast!

Hope you like this little cardigan.  It is meant for a small baby girl in the Netherlands.



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  1. Absolutely adorable! I love the blue and white combination and the bobble stitch details. You are so talented and I love that you enjoy teaching others! … A nice long email update coming soon, I promise!

  2. Wat een schattig patroontje, heel lief!

  3. The cardigan is lovely! You did a wonderful job knitting it.

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