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Oval Loom Knitting set from Leisure Arts

I am ready to write my first blog post after a very long time.   This post will be a review for an Oval Knitting Loom from Leisure Arts.




I really could not resist.  I love to try a new tool so when Leisure Arts sent me the all-new Oval Loom Knitting Set I immediately started with my first project: a basic beanie.  Here is a picture of the two Looms, one small and one bigger size.  For the basic beanie I used the larger loom.  In case you want to make a child-size beanie, just use the smaller one.



The Ultimate Oval Loom Knitting set  is more sophisticated than the retro wooden mushroom loom I had as a child.  Remember those? I could only make an I-Cord, I believe.



The NEW set comes with Two Oval Looms,  a Stitching Tool, and a 48- page Beginner’s Guide.    You will be blown away  surprised how many items you can make  with this new Loom.  Clear photos and instructions guide you step by step.  The guide also includes 7 patterns, from beginner’s to intermediate.  In case this is the first time you use a loom, my suggestion is to start with the Basic Beanie.  The very first pattern in the guide.


I used a medium weight knitting yarn in teal for my first project.  I was a bit mystified how to cast on, but the E-Wrap cast on is described in detail and includes clear pictures.  Throughout the Guide you will notice some valuable tips. Do not skip the tips!


Wrapping the yarn counter-clockwise two times until all pegs have 2 loops on them.  Using the loom tool, lift the bottom loop over the top loop and off the peg. This completes the e-wrap knit stitch. Sounds easy? Maybe you will struggle to wrap each peg with the same tension, but I am sure you will get the hang of it.


After the first few rounds, you will be excited to see your project “grow”.

Knitting Loom

When the beanie measures about 9″ from the cast on edge,  cut the yarn leaving a 30″ length for sewing.

28566037060_3e88d6778c_z (1)

The technique used to gather the stitches together and finish the hat, is described in detail in the Beginners Guide.


I enjoyed the beanie project and I am ready to learn the knit stitch and how to make a striped beanie next.

The items in the book were made by either light or medium weight yarn.  Any brand can be used, and refer to the yardage/meters when determining how many skeins you will need.  The book does give you a list of yarns used for the patterns in the Guide.  Are you ready for my very first Beanie knitted with the Knitting Loom?  Here it is:

Knitting Loom Beanie

If you enjoy working with yarn and try to use a different technique, why not purchase a knitting loom?  This tool is fun, easy and quick and affordable!  You’ll be surprised how fast you can make a a cowl or a pair of socks:

Knitting Loom Socks



I received the Oval Loom Knitting Set from Leisure Arts for free, however, the opinions in this post are my own.


  1. Thanks for this, we use the round and oval looms at work, after-school projects. They are really great for kids, and they love to use them. I had no idea you could knit socks with them as well! I am a totally impatient knitter and I’d never do anything with more than two needles, but I do love knitted socks! Great blog entry.

  2. I did not know one could “loom knit” socks either! Thanks for leaving a blog comment, much appreciated!

  3. As kids we made “looms” from old wooden sewing yarn spools with 4 small nails (no heads) – it’s a long, long time ago.

    • I like those too! And those spools fit perfectly in a child’s hand! Thanks for your blog comment Hanneke.

  4. I not seen the oval looms. I use the round looms, would love find a way to make wider strips to make an afghan. Your blog gave me hope I will also be able to make kool hats.

    • Teri, I am not that familiar, but in the Guide I see a scarf pattern. I guess the oval shape should work to make strips. Perhaps wider than the round looms. Thanks.

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