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Tutorial of a garter stitch fall shawl

It has been a while since I wrote my last post but I have started some new adventures.  First of all I work a couple of hours per week as a sub instructional assistant.  I enjoy painting, knitting and crafting at home but this can make you feel quite lonely.  Being a sub assistant certainly brings a stop to that.  I feel so welcome every time I enter a special education or kindergarten class, it is very healing and it fills my heart with joy.  Secondly, we started again this fall an after school knitting class at an elementary school close to Washington DC.    This year we expanded our club to not only 6th graders but also 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.  We are beyond thrilled because more than 50 students signed up.  Not only girls, if I may, we have a couple of very enthusiastic boys also.  We made knitting kits for them, consisting of a pair of no. 8 needles, small ball of yarn, knitting instructions etc.  Yes, we are all volunteers! The first few classes have been very hectic but sure enough they are making progress.  Here is a sample of their first garter stitch knit work:


More importantly, they are having fun and come back each week after school.

Talking about garter stitch:  last summer I found a lovely shawl pattern on the internet designed by Jan Henley.  Especially the yarn she used was so striking it did not need complicated stitch work, just garter stitch.  The yarn is called Amitola by Louisa Harding, in a reddish brown called “marmalade”.  In order to create incredible color contrast in this shawl, wind one ball backwards so that the variegated shades are reversed.  Label the two balls A and B, and alternate every two rows to emphasize the effect.

Louisa Harding amitola marmalade


Using no.4 mm needles and Ball A and loosely cast on three stitches.  Foundation row (WS): kfb, k1, ffb. Five sts

Join Ball B and work in two-row stripe sequence working in pattern as follows:

ROW 1: kfb, k1, yfwd, pm, k1, pm; yfwd, k1, kfb. Nine sts

ROW 2-4:kfb, k to last st, kfb

ROW 5:kfb, k to marker, yfwd, sm, k1, sm, yfed, k to last st, kfb

Rep. ROWS 2-5 until there are 365 sts, ending after row 4.

The original pattern has a picot edge, but I opted for a tassel at each end.

The yarn has some silk, it feels warm and soft at the same time.Fall shawl

The color reminds me of a red fox that has been roaming around our house last couple of weeks.

knitting pattern fall shawl

hand knit shawl

The original pattern can be found on

Let me know what you think..I always love to hear from you!



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  1. This shawl is absolutely stunning! I love the colors and the helpful tip you gave about winding the second ball of yarn. Loved hearing about the knitting program you have in the schools. Such a great idea! Thanks a bunch for sharing this at my Creative Ways LInk Party last week. You’ll be one of the features at tonight’s party!


  2. I am hoping to get a pattern for a vintage kidney shaped sewing table/dressing table skirt. The kind that has the two arms that open. Happy to pay you for it!

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