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Dreamcatcher tutorial and purchase

Many, many thanks to all who participated in my Giveaway.  Such wonderful and warm blog comments, I am really touched! And thanks again to the nice folks at White Oak Lavender Farm who donated lavender lotion and oil.

Well, unfortunately there can only be one winner and the winner is Sheila R.  I already informed her.

Many of you liked my dreamcatcher, therefore this tutorial but I also give you an opportunity to buy.

I had a request to make a black and white dreamcatcher so here we go:

List of supplies:

  1. crochet hoop 12.5″ (you can make yours smaller, the hoops come in different sizes)
  2. crochet thread for doily
  3. bulky yarn
  4. glue gun or E-6000 glue
  5. feathers; ribbon; scraps of fabric; beads

First I make a doily in the color of my choice.  In this case the doily was made in rows of black and white.  I usually make the doily 1.5″ smaller than the 12″ hoop.

dreamcatcher tutorial

I attach the doily randomly onto the embroidery hoop.

dreamcatcher tutorial

Next step is winding the hoop with bulky yarn (I made a few small balls for easy winding.  This step can also be done with a narrow strip of leather.  Make sure you apply glue at the ends. For decoration I applied black cotton string over the yarn.


At the end a long loop for hanging:


Last but not least is the fringe.  You can really make this as creative as possible, use different fabrics like silks and sheer; You can purchase ribbons in different widths, you can even crochet long strips etc.  You can cut the strips or tear them. Just make sure you keep the fringe long, later on you can always cut it shorter. I glued a few beads to bulky string I had on hand and attached the feathers (I found some feathers at the craft store with glued-on cool!) to the beads.   Hang your dreamcatcher when attaching he fringe.


Making a dreamcatcher is very therapeutic, you should really try it!


Here is my newest dreamcatcher in black and white:

dreamcacther black and white

Eventually I am planning to sell my hand made dreamcathers on Etsy but at this time I like to offer my followers the possibility to purchase one.  We can work together on color and design (think pastel pinks and blue for babies). I would love to personalize your dreamcatcher as much as possible.












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