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Summertime crochet and machine knitting


An’ the livin’ is easy

Fish are jumping’

An’ the cotton is high.

I am sure you know the song and this time of the year the emphasis is on “easy”. Too warm and sticky to get fussy. I did get myself prepared a bit for the upcoming fall and winter.  I like to sell a few infinity scarfs on etsy,  here is the link.

red heart unforgettable

This scarf was popular on pinterest, it was pinned and re-pinned many times.  I decided to make a few in different color schemes, they are all lovely and I hope I will sell them on etsy in the fall.    I will reinvest my profit into Knitting Machine patterns and fiber.

Last few months I have been collecting information about Machine Knitting.



One lady in particular gave me so much advice and information, “she won me over” so to speak.  I have thought about getting a machine at times,  and backed out because I love the “manual” part of hand knitting.  But, let’s be honest, if I decide to sell a few “Knit” items on etsy, it will be MUCH easier and faster if I can make it with a knitting machine.  Don’t be fooled, it will take me a while to learn this new craft (No, this is not the same as a sewing machine) and believe me, there is still a lot of handwork and craftiness involved.  You remember Karen Allen from the Indiana Jones movies?  Well, she is the proud owner of a fiber arts studio and machine knits gorgeous shawls and sweaters.


Maybe you can pay her store a visit when you are in Great Barrington, MA.  Next month I will travel to Pennsylvania to visit a store owned by two lovely Mennonite sisters and purchase my very first machine. I will paint less and knit more.  Lucky for me I have a niece who is bitten by the “furniture painting” bug and now and then I can show you her Masterpieces.  Like this chair, what a great re-do!


Her blog is called glitterandcathair

I will write more blogs about my machine knitting endeavors. By doing this I hope to ensure that the Machine Knitters craft will continue into the future, and not disappear.





  1. I had no idea there was such a thing as machine knitting! I’m looking forward to hearing more about it. And is your Etsy shop open Hetty?The link takes you to the original post about the infinity scarf (which looks so soft and cuddly).

  2. Wat leuk dat je ook een breimachine gaat kopen. De mijne staat al weer een tijd niets te doen maar misschien begin ik volgende winter wel weer aan een nieuw werkje. Ik ben benieuwd naar je eerste breiwerken, het .is niet heel makkelijk vind ik.
    groetjes, marion

  3. De sjawl is fantastisch :). Ik draag hem veel in de herfst/winter.
    Combineert goed met veel kleuren !!!

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