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Painting my front door

Summer is in full swing here in Northern Virginia and while I am trying to relax and stay cool, I did manage to celebrate my birthday this month and do a bit of painting and crochet.

Yes, a new birthday..I think friends and family know me very well: you can always please me with flowers and chocolate!



As I stated before, I painted my front door.   Believe me, it was NEEDED.  I am almost embarrassed to show the before picture..Not nice at all!


Apologies for re-sizing the picture and making it smaller!  As you can see, the door has a non-descriptive beige or sand  color, not appealing.  I felt it needed to “POP” more and ultimately I choose for Benjamin Moore’s Evening Sky.  A deep navy blue, very pleasing to the eye and it matches the beige and grey of the Stone house.  Before priming I sanded the door thoroughly, cleaned it with a TSP solution and gave it two coats of Zinsser primer.  After drying  I painted the door with three coats of BM evening sky.

Here is my newly painted front door.  It looks better, right?

Benjamin Moore Evening Sky

I also gave the trim a coat of medium beige.


Navy blue front door


Benjamin Moore evening sky

Repairing and restoring our old Stone House is an ongoing process.  We are always fixing something somewhere. Most repairs are done by craftsmen but I enjoyed painting my own front door, and I am happy how it turned out.    This is not a difficult job!  No need to replace any hardware, so I just wrapped it in some frog tape.  I used an acrylic outdoor paint in satin finish. My recommendation to you is to use a high quality paint,  it is totally worth it.

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  1. What a beautiful shade of blue for your door Hetty! The color change makes a huge difference. I love the way the blue compliments the natural stone. … And you didn’t ask for suggestions, but have you considered an update of your lighting? A pair of big beautiful vintage style lights on either side of the door would be stunning! … I would love to see more of your home! … And Happy Birthday my friend! I hope the year ahead is filled with sweet surprises!!!

  2. Beeldige kleur Het, wordt de andere deur ook blauw?

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