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crocheted vegetable potholder

Spring time is my favorite!  Our back yard has the perfect shade of green and I love the smells and colors of blooming flowers in my garden:

red rose bush

Oh, how beautiful it is!

blooming pink flower

You spot my buttercups?

Last Wednesday I visited our local farmers’ market to purchase not only fresh flowers but also fruits and vegetables.  And that made me think.  How nice would it be (and how cozy and old fashioned..) to crochet a couple of vegetable potholders for my kitchen?  Well, I am sure there is a pattern out there, somewhere, but I  did it My Way!  Long time ago I wrote a blog post about a crocheted baby jacket, you can find the link here.  I described how I used a paper template as my crochet pattern, and that is exactly what I did with my potholders.  I cut out the shape of a lemon and bell pepper and used this as my pattern.

crocheted vegetable pot holder

As you see, the lemon was a bit easier than the bell pepper.  I used the Single Crochet Stitch  for this project.

crochet lemon

For the bell pepper I used two different types of cotton, and crocheted about 2/3 in one shade and 1/3 in the other.

crocheted pot holders

I used worsted weight cotton yarn, but you can use any left over yarn.  How about making a green or orange bell pepper?

lemon pot holder

Do you like my old fashioned veggie pot holders?  I am already using them!

lemon and bell pepper potholder

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  1. I love seeing the flowers in your garden Hetty! Isn’t spring fun? Something new is blooming every few days! And your veggie potholders are so sweet! I love the vintage feel. And how wonderful to be able to create your own patterns!

  2. Stitch a few together and you will have a valance for a kitchen window!

  3. Hello Hetty!

    How are you? I’m doing my best to catch up on blogposts! I really love your potholders, they look great! What a wonderful creative idea!!! <3
    And your garden looks just lovely! Mine has finally got a few flowers to show after the recent heatwave… Happy about all the colours!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Ingrid xx

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