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Tutorial knit tray basket

hand knit isaac mizrahi yarn


As soon as the weather warms up a bit I feel like organizing my closet.  Winter clothes move to the back and spring and summer outfits  to the front.  I believe I am not the only one who feels like organizing this month.  I have seen the cutest crocheted and hand knit baskets, what an adorable way to store your stuff:


Here is a very cute hanging basket made by Tamara from Mooglyblog:


Or these knitted ones I found at Anniescatalog:

wheatland baskets

Or a nice large one:



But when I saw the hand knit tray made by ChrissieD I knew I had to make it.  Here is the link to her blog post.  And this time I did not want to use “yarn from my stash”,  I purchased some brand new craft yarn called Isaac Mizrahi craft yarn at Michaels This is the same yarn Chrissie used in her design but in a different shade.

Isaac Mizrahi Craft yarn

I basically used the same pattern.  A few small differences:  1) I made the tray slightly larger and 2) I used the garter stitch  (all rows are knit) instead of the moss stitch.  It is the same principle:  you have to make a base and four (4) walls:

Base:  Co 23 sts with 8mm (US 11) needle size.  Work garter stitch for about 28 rows,  or until you measure 10″ x 10″.

Walls:  Co 23 sts with 8 mm needle size. Work garter stitch for about 9 rows, or until you measure 5″.

handknit tray

You will have to knit one base and four (4) walls (my 4th wall feel off the picture..).  When you sew the walls together the seam will be on the outside!  Like this:

knit basket

If you like to shape your basket a bit, spray a little water and shape it the way you like (blocking).   The walls of this hand knit basket are not rigid or stiff, but quite flexible.  With this design however, the basket keeps its shape better than I expected:

hand knit tray basket

hand knit tray basket

I love my new basket and I can think of a few way to use about using it in the power room?

hand knit basket

isaac mizrahi craft yarn


hand knit tray

hand knit tray isaac mizrahi

Or storing your latest knitting project?


hand knit basket

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  1. Hello Hetty!

    I just saw your pin! This is such a lovely idea! I really like the yarn you used, with all the different colours! I bet it also works well with felting wool.

    Thanks for sharing this as a tutorial! <3
    Well done!

    Have a nice week!
    Ingrid xx

  2. Thanks Ingrid for leaving a blog comment! This yarn is acrylic though, I am not sure it will felt. When knit it looks great!

  3. Really pretty Hetty! I love the color mix, the softness and the texture. And I love organizing – so satisfying!

  4. Thanks Sharon for leaving a blog comment! Much appreciated!

  5. It is truly gorgeous! Now I’m inspired to do the same thing with rag yarn, and crocheted……thanks so much for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  6. That really is lovely. I was thinking of buying some basketwork trays, but now I think I may try to knit some.

    • Thanks Ginny for leaving a comment. Yes, give it a try, they are knit in no time!

  7. I love your knitted basket. Thank you for sharing how your created yours. I have wanted to make one but did not have a pattern. Do you think worsted weight yarn would also work.
    I am going to pin this to my pinterest board.

    • Thanks Kay for leaving a blog comment! Yes, worsted weight will work also, just use needles one or two sizes smaller.

  8. Beautiful work. Pinning. Linda @Crafts a la Mode

  9. Thanks Linda and thanks for pinning the knit tray!

  10. Leuk idee, precies op tijd voor Paasmandjes!

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