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L’Oreal, Dame Helen Mirren and Moi

Well, this headline might grab your attention.  I feel a bit of a celebrity and I will tell you why.  You may wonder what I have in common with Dame Helen Mirren and L’Oreal?  To be honest: not much.  Helen is a beautiful and talented  actress and I am not.  I just have talent with yarn and knitting needles and I do the occasional furniture re-do, that’s about it.  We do have one thing in common: both Helen and I like to color our hair.  Helen was chosen to be the New Face of L’Oreal Paris and I dedicate this post to  L’Oreal’s newest product: Excellence Age Perfect.

lorealcoloring 2


Yes, I am a bit out of my comfort zone.  For almost three years I have been blogging about my adventures with furniture painting, and my knitting and crochet projects (or something related) and writing about  hair dye is “very different” to say the least.  Let me explain: for a while I have been a member of Vibrant Nation, an online community devoted to the fast-growing demographic of smart and successful women over 50.  Within the Vibrant Nation is the “Vibrant influencer network” and once in a while I am asked to review a product and express my opinion.

I know a thing or two about hair dyeing, because I have been coloring my own hair for quite some time.  Hair coloring is a quick and inexpensive way to cover up your gray without the cost of a trip to the hair salon.  I have tried many products in the past and I do have a few favorites.  For this review I try to stay open-minded.



Some facts about L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect:

Age Perfect provides a new type of coverage.  Specifically developed for mature, gray hair.  Gray hair is stiffer and drier, making it harder to color.  Well, there is a reason gray hair is called “stubborn”…

L’Oreal claims with the Pro-Keratine complex, hair is renewed with volume and shine and regrowth will beautifully blend with the rest of your hair.

No “before” picture of my hair but it was in need of coloring.  Besides colorant creme and developer you will find a hair conditioning treatment and a strong application brush in the box. The brush makes it super easy to apply the hair color, especially around the hairline, temples and the back of your head.  It is my favorite tool and it does not drip.


After I colored my hair, washed and dried it, I was pleasantly surprised how true the color was to the color on the box.  It felt soft and shiny and had great gray coverage in my opinion.  I use the conditioner after each washing and even after two weeks of washing and drying the color is still very natural, flattering and I see no fading.   I am impressed with this product and I recommend it.

loreal excellence age perfection


I am participating in a Vibrant Influencer network campaign for L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect.  I am receiving a fee for the posting;  however, the opinions in this post are my own.  I am in no way affiliated with L’Oreal Excellence Age Perfect and do not earn a commission or percent of sales.  Feel free to check out their websites:












  1. Will this cover 90% gray, or is it just for “grays”? Thanks.

    • It covers my gray hair very good Diana! Thanks for leaving a blog comment.

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