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A hand knit dog sweater and a pair of fingerless gloves

The minute I decided to go outside,  get one of my my old beat-up dressers out of the workshop,  clean my paint brushes and stir up some paint…this is what happened:



Not a good sign….furniture painting has to wait.  I went back inside and picked up my metal knitting needles.  To be honest, this is probably the BEST time to do needlework.  It is cold outside, the days are short, what could be better than to curl up on the couch with a favorite cup of tea, a classic movie and yes, a fun woollie knitting project.  I love it!

Well, my last project was for my youngest sister who has a dog named Rita.  Rita lives in the Netherlands and is a small, short haired dog.  Winters are cold in the Netherlands so Rita needed a dog sweater and my sister choose the Poet Dog Sweater from Lion brand Yarns.  The sweater is knitted in Homespun Boucle yarn, readily available at yarn stores or large department stores (Walmart).

dog sweater

It was so much fun to make this!  My sister did ask specifically to add three soft orange stripes??!!  After the sweater was done I had one small problem:  having no dog myself and  the need to display this sweater in a fun way, I had to go with plan B.   The only thing I could come up with was using one of my sons “play” doggies that I found up in the attic.  Here is the sweater worn by a 20+ year old (well-loved) doggie:



I sure hope my sister can mail me a picture of Rita wearing her sweater!  As a bonus gift I made some matching finger less gloves in the same orange (sherbet) shade as the stripes.




You think I am a good hand model?? hahaha……it is good to know that these hands actually MADE the fingerless gloves!!

I am sorry, but I lost the pattern.  *  Out of experience I know there are a gazillion glove knitting patterns out there and I am sure you can find one.

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*  Found the knitting pattern!! It is a free pattern of Blue Sky Alpacas and there website is right here



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  1. Het is een schattig hondentruitje geworden. Je zus zal er blij mee zijn want op dit moment ligt er een klein laagje sneeuw hier. De vingerloze handschoenen zijn ook mooi.

  2. I think your sweater will keep Rita warm and cozy! So cute the way you used a stand-in for the photo shoot. And I love those fingerless gloves – pretty pattern,great color and they look so soft. Sometimes it gets really cold at our tag sales and these would be perfect for writing up sales. Knitting sounds like the perfect cold weather activity!

  3. Thos gloves were fun to make and they’re handy too!

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