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Hand knit dollhouse miniature bed blanket

It has been a while since I wrote my last post but I have been on a short trip to West Virginia.  The drive from Northern Virginia into West Virginia is in one word: breathtaking.  Our sons are studying in Morgantown so we make this trip frequently and every time, every season, we are stunned by the beauty around us.  One spot in particular is worth mentioning:  Sideling Hill.

sideling hill1


As you travel toward the historic city of Cumberland, Maryland on I-68 from either direction, you will see a mountain ahead in the distance that makes you question if the highway will go over it or around it.   Upon approach you will see that there is a cut in the mountain and you will have the scenic pleasure of not driving over it or around it, but driving through it.  Opened in 1991, Interstate 68, known as the National Freeway, follows the Old National Road of the 1800’s. It is the east-west tunnel and toll-free roadway linking western Maryland to northeast West Virginia and it just happens to go right through Sideling Hill.

We always stop and make a few pictures from this spot.  The view is spectacular.

sideling hill maryland

The next picture was made last summer and you can see clearly that you drive right “through” the mountain:

sideling hill

Whenever I go on a trip I always bring something to knit or to crochet with me, and this time was no exception.  Not a large but very small project..

porcelain doll

What is this small doll looking at?   Here it is:  a dollhouse miniature bed cover!  I was asked to make this for  someone who has a renewed interest in fixing up a dollhouse.

Hand knit miniature dollhouse blanket

This miniature blanket I designed myself.   Not too many miniature patterns to choose from,  and I personally did not like any.  To design a small blanket is not difficult.   Two things you have to keep in mind:  work with fine or extra fine yarn or else your project will be too bulky and choose a fancy lace stitch.  This project may look small but it takes time to finish because of the fine needles and yarn.  I choose a moss and lace pattern for the blanket, and the pillows are knit in a moss stitch.  Along both sides of the blanket cover I crocheted a shell edging.

This little blanket only measures 5.5″ x 6″!!  Here are some more pictures:

miniature dollhouse blanket

And guess what, that porcelain doll was made by my sister Elles in the Netherlands.  Thanks Elles!

hand made porcelain doll

  1. Your drive to Morgantown reminds me of our drive to Penn State – cutting through and weaving around the mountains – so pretty, but tricky in bad weather. And when they close the road, there are no other options, you just have to wait it out! … Your little blanket and pillows are so sweet. What a pretty pattern you created. And clearly Elles is also very talented too! … Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

    • Thank you very much Sharon! This part of Maryland is worth visiting, I always enjoy the drive. Thanks for leaving a blog comment, I always appreciate that.

  2. Hi Hetty!

    Wow, what a scenic drive. It reminds me of the route from manchester to yorkshire. You drive up a steep hillside and there is also a large hill to the right, a bit like your photo. And when you get to the top the view is spectacular (it is the highest motorway in England!) I used to drive that way to see my daughter at university!

    I like the doll your sister made and the little quilt you made for it, both very pretty!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving! 🙂
    Ingrid xx

  3. Thank you very much for leaving a blog comment, Ingrid, it is very much appreciated.

  4. Heel lief dekentje, poppenhuizen opknappen blijft leuk. Heeft El dat jurkje van de pop ook gemaakt?

  5. Hartelijk dank voor je compliment! Ja, Els heeft zowel de pop als het jurkje gemaakt. Volgens mij heeft ze het geweekt in donkere thee zodat het wat “oud” lijkt.

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