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Tutorial hand crochet collar

Life is full of surprises, right?  I have a wonderful and true story about a family member I never knew I had.   But before I start my story I like to share with you my newest creation, a hand crocheted Peter Pan collar.   So delicate and gorgeous,  and you can finish this in no time.
hand crochet collar

Materials: Cotton Fine from the Brown Sheep Co. in color CF100 or cotton ball

Leftover DMC crochet yarn in pastel green

Used Stitches: Chainstitch=ch;; single crochet=sc; double crochet=dc; triple crochet=trc Ch 106 sts 1st

1st row: ch 4, 1 sc in 7th ch st, *ch 3, skip 2 ch, 1 sc in next ch, repeat from *

2nd row: ch 2 (=1 dc), ch 2, 1 sc around first loop, *ch 4, 1 sc around next loop, repeat from *. End row ch 2, 1 dc on 4th ch of last loop

3rd row: ch 1 (=1 sc), *ch 4, 1 sc around next loop, repeat from *.  End row ch 4, 1 sc in 3rd ch of last loop.

4th row: same as 2nd row

5th row: ch 1 (=1 sc), *ch 6, 1 sc around next loop, ch 2, 1 dc on next sc, ch 2, 1 sc around next loop, repeat from *

6th row: 2 and 1 sc around 1st loop, *ch 2, 1 trc around ch-2 loop, ch 2, 1 trc on next dc, ch 2, 1 trc around ch-2 loop, ch 2, 1 sc around ch-6 loop, repeat from *

Last row: use some leftover DMC or other fine crochet thread in contrasting color. Repeat ch 4, 1 sc around loop around collar. Weave ends in and attach a pearl button as closure.

hand crochet collar


The story of little Hendrika Christine Becker.  Little Hendrika was born April 13, 1915 in Rotterdam the Netherlands.  Her parents were Berdina and Christiaan Becker.  Christiaan was a brother of my grandmother.

Little girl the netherlands

Hendrika was a beautiful little girl with golden blond hair and a sweet smile, but heartbreaking events were going to happen in her young life.  Berdina did not get along with Christiaan’s parents (my great-grandparents) so there was little or no contact. Then in 1918,  her father Christiaan died from the Spanish flu.  Berdina unfortunately broke all contact with the family and remarried Bouwe de Vries in 1919. In 1920 Berdina, Hendrika and her new husband boarded the passenger ship the “Nieuw Amsterdam” and arrived in New York Ellis Island on September 7, 1920.


Little Hendrika was only 5 years old.


They settled in Baltimore and opened a bakery.  In 1930 Hendrika changed her name to “Henrietta” (just to let you know, my real name is Henriette..).  The end of the story:  Henrietta got married and worked at the McDaniel College in Westminster, Maryland as secretary to the Dean of Faculty. Not for long..and this makes me smile a bit…she actually became the “leader” of the Camera Club at the same college!  Yes, she was creative!  She never had children and she never returned to the Netherlands.  Maybe she did not remember my grandmother and unfortunately she never met my darling mother.  Just an ordinary story, perhaps, but it means a lot to me.   I am an immigrant myself and it would be so nice to talk with someone in the family who did the same thing but years earlier.  I feel fortunate though that I learned about her existence and I even found a picture in one of the college’s yearbooks.

Henrietta Essom (her married name), seated bottom left:



This makes my blog post full circle.

I decided to make something in memory of Henrietta.  A hand crocheted collar will make you look sweet and feminine, just like Henrietta!



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  1. What a beautiful and touching story! And I can see the family resemblance. Two wonderful Henriett(e)as 🙂 xxx

  2. Thanks lieve Annerike! Can you imagine how surprised I was!

  3. I love the story and the beautiful collar.

  4. Thanks Dolly, it was so much fun to investigate!

  5. Mooi en eenvoudig, die oude patronen zijn vaak nog het leuste!

  6. Hartelijk dank Han! Ja, dit is een ouwetje uit de Ariadne!

  7. Hi Hetty!

    Thanks for posting on my blog! 🙂

    This is an amazing story that you found out about your family! It’s a shame that the two of you never got to meet one another!

    How long have you been living in the US? And do you go back to the Netherlands from time to time?

    I love your pretty crochet collar, thanks for sharing!!

    Have a nice week!
    Ingrid xx
    (Hope to see you back, I just blogged about 2 finished crochet projects!!)

    • Thanks Ingrid for leaving such a sweet blog comment! Very much appreciated! I will email you separately.

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