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Hanging knitting needle container

Since I have limited space in my cozy Stone House, I have to be creative and hang things on the wall.


For a while I was on the lookout for a hanging storage cubby for my knitting needles, and I found this one at my local Goodwill store:


DSC01391_zps59f966f8[1] I know,  this is not a particular attractive wall cubby, but I knew it would look great after an update. The hardest part was to take off those pesty stickers…I used my “goo gone” and some elbow grease.  There is no way around it, you have to get those stickers off or else your paint job will not look good. After I took it all off and cleaned it up with my tsp solution, it already looked better: DSC01394_zpse7e2332f[1]   I decided to paint this cubby with some leftover ASCP in Aubusson.  I never get tired with this shade of blue/green, it is probably one of my favorites.  Unfortunately I am no star in transferring letters or words onto my furniture projects, so I just painted one letter : “K” for “Knitting”. Here a picture of my L.A.R.G.E collection of knitting needles: DSC01429_zpsaa0e7786[1]

Very easy for me to find the knitting needles I need:

Knitting Needle holder

Holder knitting needles   Holder knitting needles

I am happy I re-purposed this old telephone cubby!  After two coats of paint it is nice enough to use for a long time…Have you re-purposed an item lately?


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