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A tour through blog land

Today I feel a bit special…Sharon from invited me to participate in a blog tour.  So please sit back, have a cup of tea and a cookie or two and enjoy my tour.


Let me first introduce you to Sharon:  She paints vintage treasures and makes those pieces look fabulous,  she is a gardener, decorator, crafter and blogger.


Her tutorials how to make your own chalk paint, wreaths with burlap ribbons and sheet music candles are not to be missed.  She hosts a link party every week and on top of that Sharon and her friends have a couple of times per year tag sales in Westminster, Maryland.  Here is a picture from one of the previous sales:


Did you ever sell that little Dutch girl container?  It’s precious..



Now let’s start with the Q&A part:


Since I am not only a furniture re finisher but also a fiber artist, I am usually working on more than one project.  I am completely in love with “dusty rose” or “light mauve” paint color at this moment and I just finished painting a French Provincial twin bed in this shade.


As a knitter, this is the time to make a head start in all winter knitting.  It’s all about hats, scarves, socks and mittens. I am also working on a tutorial how to knit a rag doll.  Of course I am still working on my cable afghan designed by Edie Eckman and I am finishing up a mohair cardigan.  I will write about both projects at a later date.

cable afghan



Well, there are similarities of course.  I personally love to paint different layers, applying candle wax in between layers to show the colors.  I have done a lot of custom painting and most of my customers choose for neutral colors.  But when I paint something for myself, I do not mind grabbing that bright yellow or engine red.


yellow side table


For me, it is the joy to teach others.  I am originally from the Netherlands, and my use of the English language is probably not as good as yours but I enjoy sharing what I do.  As a rule I include in every post a quick step-by-step  tutorial about my projects.  I mention the products I use and the paint brand and color.  You quickly differentiate between bloggers who are generous and bloggers who are not.    When I first started painting furniture I checked online blogs and found some amazing painting tutorials.   In detail it was explained how to prepare, paint and distress a piece of furniture.  I am very thankful for those useful tutorials and I never forget their names.


I have been a hand knitter and crocheter for a very long time. This craft is done for the most part in the privacy of your home.  My knitting and crochet projects were only shared with my family and friends.  Through blogging I can share, teach, help, write tutorials about a craft that is very dear to me.  Knitting and crochet are re-discovered over and over again.  My grandmother knitted her entire life, and so do I.  To me, hand knits are works of love and nothing can replace its comfort.



Well, that is quite easy to answer: whenever I finish a project I blog about it.  I try to strike a balance between family needs, painting, needlework, and blog writing.  My blog writing has to compliment my daily work, painting and needlework.  This process works best for me and my family and hopefully I will not end up with writer’s block!

Time to introduce you to a couple of my favorite blogging friends.  First I like you to meet Dolly,  she writes several blogs but the the blog I am following is called .   She can cook, she can sew, she is just a real creative blogging friend and I am always looking forward to her blog posts.


Dolly is using vintage patterns and recreates the retro and classy look of the 50s and 60s.   Each apron is so unique,  and made meticulously, you have to see it for yourself.  In my opinion an apron is actually a chic and practical accessory for the modern woman and man.   Yes, she also has a men’s line of aprons.  

If you like to place a custom order, or you like to purchase one already made please head over to her online etsy store right here 



To introduce you to my next blogging friend we will have to go over the border, actually we will have to cross an ocean. A few of my bloggers friends are living in the Netherlands and believe me they are as busy with painting, crafting or needle work as we are in the US.  One of my friends is Marion and her blog is called .


Marion enjoys crochet, knitting, embroidery, sewing and painting watercolors.  I truly admire her many talents, her great sense of color and the fact that she always encourages me.  Although she writes her blog in Dutch, it is worth a visit.  Besides, with one click you can easily translate everything…


Love those sweet pumpkins:



We are nearing the end of my blog tour.   I am so happy I could give you a glimpse in my own crafting world by answering a few questions and I hope you will visit two of my wonderful blogging friends.   Thanks for your visit and do not hesitate to leave a comment..I always appreciate that!



  1. What a lovely post Hetty! I love that you have a variety of interests and that you enjoy sharing and teaching others. That is a wonderful gift! That yellow table is one of my favorite furniture projects and I love seeing your knitting projects too. And I didn’t know you were from The Netherlands. What brought you here? Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you joined the blog tour!

  2. Nice blog Hetty !!!

  3. Leuke blog post Hetty en dank je voor de aandacht voor mijn blog, dat waardeer ik enorm.
    Ik kijk uit naar het resultaat van je ‘French Provincial twin bed’.

  4. Graag gedaan Marion!

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