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White and more white paint choices

Originally I wrote this blog post in July 2013.    Last month I had the same dilemma: what “white” paint should I choose?Here is my post:

I have been looking at white paints lately and I am more confused than ever.  Well, there is one thing to remember: white will look white until you hold your swatch up to other colors or other “whites”.   Suddenly your white does not look white any longer.   They will have an undertone making them look warm or cool.  Take for instance Benjamin Moore Cloud White CC-40, it has an orange and red  undertone to it.  While  Benjamin Moore Cotton Balls OC-122 has a yellow undertone.  Both have a different undertones but both are warm.  Something like Benjamin Moore Intense White OC-51 has a gray undertone to it while Benjamin Moore Gray Owl OC-54 has a blue undertone to it and both seem cool.     Make sure what other colors you will have next to your “white”.

Let’s go on with my favorites:

Benjamin Moore Simply White.




Benjamin Moore White Dove:




Paint used for this china cabinet is Benjamin Moore Decorators White.  I think it looks so crisp and clean – love it!



At I read this, maybe good to remember:

• if there is green light cast in the space: use something pinky to offset
• if there is blue, use peachy
• if there is yellow, user cooler tone.


Last but not least, I have always a can of Valspar Chef White and a can of Valspar Swiss Coffee.    Both are my go-to paints if  I can not decide which white paint  is best for the project.  I used Valspar Swiss Coffee on this fabulous drop leaf table.


drop leaf table


And I used Valspar Chef White on this clean looking  dining room table:



Maybe it is the warm weather,  but I am in the mood for white..did this post cool you off a bit?

“White goes well with sunlight, white is simplicity”.









  1. This is so interesting, thank you!

    • You’re so welcome! Hope it helps a bit when making a choice!

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