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Block crocheted bedspread in blue

You feel a bit “blue”?   Grab yourself a crochet hook, a ball of soft yarn and start.  Creative activities like crocheting or knitting can create a feel-good high.  Did you know that?  Timing was right for me to finish this project.   I am renovating one of the bedrooms and this blue comforter will give the room an instant lift.  It was started when my boys were small and those days ( I am talking 20+ years ago…)I purchased most of my yarn at a local yarn store.  The yarn I used was Bucilla Softex Win-Knit, 4-ply worsted weight.

Royal blue crochet afghan


granny square bedspread


I remember I was not sure about making a bedspread entirely in blue.   Now that I am finished,  I am very pleased with the choice I made.   Blue stands for calming, healing, soothing  and relaxing.   It looks great as a coverlet on a bed with crisp white bed linens.

blue crochet comforter

I joined the squares together with a slip stitch.  How this is done you can read here .

blue crochet granny square

A couple of weeks ago I read a nice tutorial about a granny stripe edging.    Clear explanation and pictures show you how you can crochet an attractive border.  I found the tutorial here .

blue crocheted afghan

As you can see, a nice edge or border makes your comforter stand out!


blue crocheted granny square


Another project finished and the box with unfinished projects s-l-o-w-l-y gets empty.   I have to admit, I am thinking about something new to do….I am particularly interested in a knit-along project of a “cabled afghan” designed by the talented Edie Eckman.  It is a gorgeous afghan knit in “soft” redheart yarn.  If you are interested all the information is on the Red heart or Creativebug website:  here

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  1. Hij is echt prachtig, ik zie het al voor me met die spierwitte lakens.
    Zal wel een klus zijn geweest. Zo’n sprei in een kleur is juist erg mooi het is alleen wat saaier om te maken.
    Ik heb even gekeken naar de “cabled afghan” van Edie Eckman, hij is wel erg mooi vind ik.

  2. Hartelijk dank Marion! Ja hoor, die bedsprei van Edie Eckman ga ik maken.

  3. The blue colours are great, hanks for sharing.

  4. Just beautiful. I love it!

  5. fabulous blanket, thanks so much for sharing on Craft schooling Sunday a full month ago! Took a vacation with the party, but now its back and hope to see some more great projects from you! all the best!

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