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Crocheted baby jacket, hat and booties

I do not remember when and for who I decided to make this aqua colored hand crocheted baby outfit.   And the next question is:  why didn’t I bother to finish this? I found  this one in my large container of unfinished projects, luckily not eaten by moths yet.   Newsflash:  “I finished it!”

I just had to sew it together and purchase some light purple buttons and a ribbon.  That was it.

crocheted baby jacket


I always enjoy making baby things.  Why? Well, for starters you are done in a flash (not this time though)  and basically everything looks adorable on babies, right?  You can make a jacket with sleeves that are way too long, or buttons that don’t match.  Still everybody would love it.    The yarn I used for this outfit is Aarlan Arwetta Baby, 100% merino wool, and a treat to work with.  Here is a picture:

Aarlan arwetta baby yarn

The pattern for this baby outfit is actually from the seventies and in Dutch.  Clothing crochet patterns from the seventies and earlier  sometimes asked you to make a paper layout like this.

As you can see, this is the body of the jacket:

paper crochet pattern

And this is the sleeve:


Did you ever make a paper layout like this?  I think, if you are crafty you can make a paper layout from an existing baby jacket?  Just a thought.

The pattern stitch are two rows of single crochet and one row puff stitch.    This pattern stitch is repeated throughout the jacket, hat and booties.

crochet baby jacket

Here is the finished heirloom crocheted baby outfit:

heirloom baby outfit


hand crocheted baby booties

crocheted hat and booties


crocheted baby outfit

crocheted baby outfit


Usually these outfits will end up with the right baby.  Wait and see.  I have a few more baby and children items I like to show you in the next month or so, and I am finishing up a denim blue granny square blanket.  I cannot see the bottom yet of my plastic container, but there is more space.   Yippee!  O, and do you know I am also painting a large display cabinet?  I am on the roll folks, let’s take advantage of this.

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  1. Wat een schattig setje heb je gemaakt. Gek hé hoe dingen soms half afgemaakt opgeborgen kunnen worden. Zelf vond ik nog half afgemaakte dingen uit de tijd dat ik weer ben gaan werken na een paar jaar thuis te zijn geweest voor de kinderen. Ineens de focus op andere dingen. Zo heeft iedereen weer andere redenen. Wel lekker snel klaar nu :-).

    • Dank je Marion! Lief dat je een berichtje achterlaat op mijn blog!

  2. Adorable! Wonderful colours 🙂

    • Thanks! Aqua is such a lovely color, loved working with it.

  3. hooray for finishing projects!

  4. What a lovely set. Whoever ends up with it will be over the moon.

  5. That is precious!

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