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Week 1: UnFinished Objects or UFOs

I feel very courageous today.   Let me tell you a secret…it is about a grey plastic storage bin in the corner of my storage room.  This “elephant in the room” so to speak.  No more glancing over to that corner, oh no, I will open up my storage bin and let’s see how much knitting and crochet I REALLY have.  SIGH.


This summer I want to try to finish most of these forgotten objects.

I am embarrassed to say that I have some projects that only need to be weaved in or only need matching buttons.    It is time to finish or frog.

This week I am repairing a large crochet table cloth.

crochet table cloth

I made this table cloth for my parents more than twenty years ago.  After my father retired my parents moved from a small town called Nederhorst den Berg in the Netherlands to an even smaller town in the province of Gelderland.  They changed their furniture, a large heavy dining room table that would sit six children and two adults was replaced for a smaller round oak table.  I promised them a hand crocheted table cloth and I worked on this table cloth for many weeks.  You can imagine how proud I was when it was finished.  What pleased me even more was that my parents used this table cloth every single day.  It is used and it shows.  When you look closely you will see the repairs made over the years.  It gives this table cloth its charm.

crochet table cloth

Well, it was stored in my grey storage bin and when I took it out I noticed a large brown stain.  I used a mixture of oxy clean and ammonia for cleaning the stain and it disappeared completely.  The stain that is…

crochet table cloth

It just needed a few small repairs, and now I am using this table on my round dining room table.  I love it and every time I look at it it reminds me of my parents..really!

crochet table cloth



crochet table cloth

You recognize this doily pillow?  Well, I actually used the table cloth pattern and only crocheted the first few rows to make a doily.  You can read about it here


I feel better already by just writing about it.  Imagine – no more guilt about unfinished objects.  This is epic folks!



  1. That is such a special table cloth! So glad you have it on your own table now, it looks beautiful. Love your writing 🙂

  2. That’s beautiful! The repairs add patina. 🙂

    • Yes, you are so right, the repairs add patina and lots of charm! Thanks for leaving a comment Kristen, much appreciated.

  3. Wat leuk dat je het tafelkleed nu zelf weer gebruikt !! Enig om te zien.

    • Ja, leuk he! Het moest gerepareerd worden maar nu ziet het er weer mooi uit.

  4. Hallo Hetty,

    Leuk hé als zo’n klus waar je tegenaan hikt eindelijk gedaan is. Het staat mooi, het kussen ook.


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