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Console side table with painted top

A long time ago we purchased this console side table in Fredericksburg, Virginia and we used it on and off as a side table in our home.  As you can see, a real practical piece of furniture.

extensole table

This table was manufactured by Extensole.  The Extensole Corp. from Sparta Michigan has been out of business since 1973 but you can still find their furniture at flea markets and yard sales.  The company made a variety of extension tables on 18th and 19th century English furniture models.  The table would flip open and with the addition of leaves you were able to seat considerably more people.  Unfortunately I never owned the leaves and only used the table as a side table.  It is very very heavy though, and I will show you why…

extensole table

You notice that the “inside”  is all solid wood?   It took two people to carry inside the workshop.  You also see that the top is not in great condition, pieces of veneer are missing and I decided to paint the top and glaze the rest.

At first I took off the hardware and I sanded and cleaned the table with a TSP solution.  After sanding and cleaning I filled up the holes with wood filler.


I let it dry overnight and sanded it down until the surface was perfectly level.  I only primed the surface once with Zinsser primer.



For days I could not decide on the color.  I went from white, off white to black and everything in between!

Finally I ended up with painting the top with Foggy Days from Sherwin Williams (also painted the hardware).

extensole table

I love the color and grain pattern on the front and did not want to cover it up.  I used General Finishes glaze effects in red sienna.  It compliments the paint color perfectly.





I like the new look and I hope to use the table for a long time.

extensole side table

extensole table



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  1. How wonderful, great colour choice and love the setting for the photos! I have a large table, similar, and ought to spend some time on it one day. Inspiring 🙂

    • Thank you so much for leaving nice feedback – it is much appreciated!

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