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Workspace for refinishing furniture

Finally an update about my new workspace.  For a very long time I was not able to do my furniture refinishing (no workplace) but that has changed.  Right now I do have a small and ideal workspace for refinishing and painting wood furniture.  This place is new, easy to clean and easy to stay organized.  I did not choose a large space because I know myself, I would drag every beat up dresser and orphan chair home.  I have just enough storage area for a few items.   More importantly, it does have enough light and is well-ventilated (all the windows open!).

A few pictures during the construction:




Who says construction work is easy?


Yes, we are finally getting there!    The fun part for me was choosing the right paint color.



I choose Ace Hardware acrylic latex enamel paint in Canyon Hike.  Personally, I think this color is just right and it blends very nice with the surrounding stonework, bushes and trees.

storage shed



Inside I have some built-in shelving to store all my paints, some tools and chemicals.



I do like to say a few words about keeping a safe workspace.

First of all make sure to always throw away old rags.  They may be contaminated with dangerous chemicals which can be harmful to you.

Secondly, please store chemicals away from heat and flame and make sure all containers are labeled.  Dispose all chemicals properly.

This is the view in the back, behind my workplace,  my inspirational view!


I feel truly blessed.  We own a fine old stonehouse on two and a half acres and I have a satisfying and rewarding job as a furniture refinisher and knitting instructor.  Slowly but surely my first clients and friends pass the word on to others.  In my experience almost everyone has a piece of furniture that needs a bit of attention…and that keeps me busy.

Thanks for everyone for their support!





  1. Hallo Hetty,

    Geweldig om zo’n werkplaats te hebben, heerlijk in de natuur en toch bij huis.
    Ik wens je veel leuke opknapklussen.


  2. Hartelijk dank Marion! Ja hoor, ik sta klaar voor alle klussen.

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