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Fresh green apothecary cabinet

I have this cute apothecary cabinet, or  small chest,  for at least a year.  I knew I wanted to paint it, just because I love to paint, but I was not sure what color and what method I would use.   Until I saw a picture of a chair  (inspiration comes from everywhere) painted in “Glidden Spanish Olive”.  Spanish Olive is such a nice vibrant green,  I simply could not resist.

spanish olive glidden

After being away for such a long time, I was ready to start painting and well,  I forgot completely to make a “before” picture.   This is the earliest picture of the cabinet, already cleaned and sanded:

apothecary cabinet


I also cleaned and sanded the drawers, here a picture with one coat of Zinsser primer:


After priming both the frame and the drawers, I actually painted the “frame” of this cabinet with one coat of black latex.  The result is a very subtle (hardly noticeable) difference in color between the frame and the drawers.

Originally the knobs were white and that did not match.  I searched online and found out that you can color the porcelain knobs with a permanent marker (I used BIC), bake it in the over for 30 minutes, and let it cool very slowly.  Voila, here are my black porcelain knobs:



Right under the knobs, I sponge painted small squares:



I used a piece of an old SANDING sponge and it actually worked great.



And here is my fresh green apothecary cabinet with black porcelain knobs:




apothecary cabinet



Where would you use this small chest for?  Maybe for some extra storage in your powder room?

apothecary cabinet

Or maybe in the kitchen area?

apothecary cabinet

Or maybe for yard items?

apothecary cabinet

apothecary cabinet

This was such a fun project and Yes, I am ready to tackle a bigger project.  My next project will probably be a dresser that I purchased at the thrift store.  It is great to be back!


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  1. Is this the same color as the dresser? Stamping around the knobs is a great idea, it’s just a little extra!

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