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Flower ball made with real flowers

crepe paper flower ball 2


Isn’t this crepe paper flower ball great?  I think it is the wonderful spring weather we are having in Virginia, but I am in love with those floral balls.  The ones with crepe paper are not only decorative for weddings and parties, but I don’t mind hanging one at home.  I was however looking for a tutorial of a flower ball made with real flowers..and I found a great tutorial at   I followed her instructions so I am not going into great detail this time.   You do need at least 3 bunches of flowers (you really need a lot of flowers!),  an oasis ball,  ribbon for hanging, floral sheers, maybe some flower essence.    And do not fill your oasis beforehand with water!  I made that mistake myself and the flower ball became too heavy to hang for a couple of days.

flower ball


I used carnations in soft pink.  I only used the flower head with about 2″ of the stem.  After you are all done, attach a ribbon at the top with a pin.   At the end you run the oasis under tap water for a few minutes or soak it in a bucket with some flower essence added to it.    I like how it turned out and this is such an easy spring project I think I am going to make more…


flower ball

carnations flower ball

floral ball


Here are some different variations of a floral ball.  Some are made with crepe paper others are felted.  This is what I found on the internet:

felt flower ball

crepe paper flower ball 4

crepe paper flower ball 8

crepe paper flower ball 9

crepe papewr flower ball 10

Maybe I inspired you to make a colorful floral ball?


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  1. The one you made for me stayed fresh for almost two weeks and smelled great, thanks to the added fragrance!

  2. Yes, adding the “tulip fragrance” was nice! It also tricks your’re smelling tulips and you’re looking at carnations..

  3. Beautiful! I would definitely love to have one of these floral balls in our home.

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