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Vintage painted ice cream parlor chair

My new workplace is almost finished.  Yes, I know, I am a slow blogger but hopefully that will change when I am settled in my new space.  To refresh your memory, here is a popular tutorial about an ice cream parlor chair.


Let me start this post that I loved painting this darling chair!  I had some worries about her, but no, it was a fun project.   In my last post I wrote about a secretary desk that I bought from Deb.  Well, in her garage I noticed four rusty and crusty ice cream parlor chairs…yes,  I was ready to buy.  But Deb explained that this furniture was her uncle’s and she had to ask him first.  So I left with the secretary desk but without the chairs.  About 2 months later I received an email from Deb (don’t you love people like Deb) asking me if I still wanted the chairs…you can guess what happened next.  Here is the before picture:


Lots of rust and it needed a seat.  No worries, I started with lots of soap and scrubbers and brushes.  It worked and I managed to clean the dirt and grime and some of the rust (not all).   Even the rusty screws came loose fairly easy!  I knew that this chair was not going to be used outside, so I primed the chair with Zinsser water based primer and  plain latex.  If you paint a chair like this and you are planning to use it outside, by all means use a primer and paint for metals (Rustoleum).  I did not have that problem, I only had to find the perfect “purple” paint.  First I had a  heather or soft amethyst in mind but that did not look right, so I ended up with BM crocus petals purple.   Isn’t she lovely?






  1. Leuk Het, precies de goeie kleur!

  2. I am so excited to have this chair in my home soon!! Love it!

  3. the perfect piece for such a sweet fun color! i adore it!

  4. I have four of those exact chairs in my garage. They are so rusty and grungy. I hope mine turn out as cute – very sweet!

  5. Fantastic post, thanks. You got a new subscriber.

  6. Thanks for your kind words!

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