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Adirondack chair paint makeover


You may not understand why I would place a picture of relaxing adirondack chairs while we are struggling with our first major snow storm.  Well, let me explain: just two days before it started snowing in Virginia, I finished painting an outdoor adirondack chair for one of my customers.  A great looking green chair but the paint had seen better days and my customer asked for a “real red” paint makeover.  I did a bit of research and found some useful information on the internet.  First of all, I think this is a great time to spruce up your outdoor furniture.  Why wait till spring?  It will be nice when the weather changes you will have a good looking chair, paint has been cured sufficiently, and you can do more important things…like reading and relaxing!

Let’s go on with The Paint.  I took the chair apart (make some pictures or else you might forget which nut and bolt goes where..) and cleaned it thoroughly with soap and a TSP solution.  My customer asked for a real red, and we decided on Sherwin Williams Real Red.  Of course you can always spray paint the chair if you like quick results, but I needed the “just right” shade of red, and with spray paint there are not many color choices.  Make sure you use a dark (grey) primer or else it will take many layers of red paint to cover the surface.  Even with the grey primer I used, it took three coats to cover the hunter green! This is the paint I used, SW Acrylic Latex Enamel in Real Red:


After painting I waited a few days to dry and gave the chair one coat of Minwax poly, this one is especially for outdoors:


And here are some pictures of a cherry red Adirondack:



adirondack chair

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  1. Hallo Hetty,

    Hij ziet er als nieuw uit, ik vind dit sowieso al mooie stoelen. Mooi!


  2. The chair came out great Hetty, did you change out the bolts as well?

    • No, I did not have to change them out. I did take them out, painted the chair and put them back in! I am glad I took a picture before I took them out!!

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