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Tutorial lace metal painting

I always try to divide my blog post equally between painting, crochet and knitting.   Some projects take some time though.  At this time I am finishing up a huge cabinet that was two-part:  first I did the bottom part (including the inside) and at this time I am busy with the top hutch.  In between the priming and painting of the hutch I spray painted a few decorative pieces.  At my local thrift store I bought a fifties style (lace) metal magazine rack and a metal tissue holder. I have seen those pieces and they are very cute.  I used Rustoleum Regal Red and Krylon Gold for the magazine rack and Rustoleum Maui Blue for the tissue holder to give it a punch of color.    Both were treated with Rustoleum Metal Primer.

Some tips:

Spray paint onto your metal surface.

  • Hold the can approximately 10 to 12 inches (25.4 to 30.5 cm) away from the metal surface. Getting too close to the surface can cause drips and runs. Painting too far from your surface causes uneven spraying.
  • Paint with a sweeping motion. The sweeping motion should be from top to bottom or side to side. Overlap your passes with the spray paint.
  • Pause after each sweeping motion by letting go of the trigger.
  • Apply thin coats of paint to avoid drips and runs. Thicker applications dry more slowly than thinner coats, and do not dry as evenly.
  • Allow your painted surface to dry for at least 3 hours.
  • Spray on a second coat of paint. Most spray paint projects require no more than 2 coats to evenly distribute paint and cover a metal surface. Allow the second coat of paint to dry before handling the object.

Metal magazine rack redo

Up close you can see that I was able to take the rack apart and spray paint it in two colors.



And here is my “refreshed” tissue holder!


I intended to make some before pictures but I was so excited to start painting…I completely forgot to make a before picture.  Apologies!  I did fine an online image:

large lace metal


Since you are having so much fun, why not update your business cards? (Pinterest idea)  You need a can of fluorescent yellow paint and start spraying the sides of your cards!

business cards spray painted


Hope you enjoyed my redo’s!  And many thanks for being a blog follower!


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