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Circle scarf knit in Lion Brand Homespun Yarn

Today I had my 4th get-together with my knitting group.    It is fun for me and hopefully it is also fun for the seniors!  The first two meetings everybody was busy with their own projects.  I helped a few but most of them are seasoned hand knitters and did not need much help.  Knitting is a social event, and communication and connecting with each other is as important as counting stitches.    Last week we cleaned a large closet with donated skeins of yarn, we divided some yarn among ourselves and decided to do some charity knitting.  Just wonderful how everybody joined in to make a few items for charity.


I took home two skeins of  donated Lion Brand Homespun yarn and some red mohair.  The Lion Brand Yarn Company has a wonderful website with hundreds of patterns.  After some searching I choose to knit the Painted Circle Scarf, a very easy pattern that just required two skeins of Homespun boucle yarn, Size 10 (6 mm) knitting needles.  Gauge is 11 sts=4 in (10 cm).

Here is the pattern (from Lion Brand website):


Cast on 22 sts.

Row 1 (WS): Purl

Row 2 (RS): K17, turn; leave rem 5 sts unworked

Row 3: Purl 17

Row 4: K12, turn;  leave rem 10 sts unworked

Row 5: P 12

Row 6: K7; turn; leave rem 15 sts unworked

Row 7: P7

Row 8: K across 22 sts

Rep. rows 1-8 until piece measures about 56 in. at widest point.  Bind off.

Well, I loved knitting this easy scarf and was finished within a week!

In knitting a short row is a row that is not fully knit;  the work is turned before reaching the end of the row.    This pictures shows how you end up with a “circle” shape when knitting short rows.


Circle scarf homespun yarn

The scarf feels soft and fluffy and will look great with your winter jacket!

circle scarf homespun

Here is a close up:


circle scarf homespun yarn


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  1. Leuk Het, het kijkt wel geitewol!

  2. Beautiful work!! Thanks for the pattern. I’m PINNING this also. Linda

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