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How to paint a bunk bed

I hope you are not thinking I am giving up painting!   I have not written a post about painting for a while.  To be honest, I was up to my elbows in paint.   A couple of weeks ago I was asked to paint a bunk bed.


Sounds like an easy project until I saw the actual bunk bed.  It had about 20+ heavy parts:  head and foot boards,  side boards, bed sliders, large storage drawers, steps etc.  The good part:   all the parts were basically unfinished pine wood.  I just had to get rid of some stubborn stickers!  Some bunk bed parts:


After all the parts were delivered I started cleaning.  Cleaning was probably the most important step,  this bed was stored in the garage for some time.  I cleaned the parts with a TSP solution and let it dry for a day or two.  After cleaning I sanded and primed all the surfaces.  We are talking more than 20 pieces, and all had to be cleaned and primed on both sides.   I usually have a can of Zinsser in my paint closet, but someone recommended Benjamin Moore fresh start primer.  Although this primer provided a good base for my paint, I developed a fierce sinus infection from the (toxic?) fumes.  Not funny and I learned my lesson:  always wear a mask when working with toxic paint fumes!  Yes, I did throw my hands up in the air at times but after the priming the fun part starts:  actual painting.  My first choice was using an oil-based paint (like Rustoleum) for it durability.  But as I researched different options I decided to use Sherwin Williams ProClassic Interior Acrylic Latex Enamel.  Great paint for trims and all surfaces that need to dry hard and is non-yellowing.  You will achieve a durable finish and is also low in VOC’s (yippee).  I choose a satin finish.    It took two coats of SW in pure white and one coat of poly-acrylic (water based) to look like this:


Some side rails, head and foot boards:



Still some work left to do, but the end is in sight.


Frankly, I do not assume to be featured with this project, but I feel I mastered the perfect bunk bed finish.  Do you mind if I give myself a ribbon?














  1. Ja, nu kan ik zien hoveel werkt dit geweest is! Ziet er goed uit Het!

  2. Dang that is a lot of painting!!!!! You need to get yourself a sprayer!! The finish looks flawless, and you definitely deserve that ribbon!

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