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Black doily cushion and hand made snood

A couple of months ago I  wrote a post  about my doily cushions.     This is not a new idea of course, but you can update this look with trendy colors.  Crochet thread can be purchased in every color or shade possible, and your doily will not look outdated.   I happen to have bright colored walls in my home and I have colorful carpets.  In my case I choose for neutral shades.  The first doily cushion I showed you was ecru, the second doily  is black and I attached it to a neutral colored burlap cushion.

black doily

If you cannot crochet yourself, not to worry: last time I was at Michaels I saw white colored doilies in two sizes.  You can easily dye them (try to dye fabric with kool-aid) and maybe you can use both sizes?   Here is the black doily finished and I attached it with small overhand stitches to the cushion cover:

black doily burlap pillow

doily on burlap

I absolutely love my cushions.  They both bring a touch of elegance to my home.

When my niece noticed my hand made doilies she asked me to make her a snood.   What is a snood?  A snood is a small, net like, cap worn by women to keep their hair in place.  A snood is also a wrinkled fold of skin that hangs down over a turkey’s beak!!!  No, I am not talking about that.  When you are a fan of the forties and fifties you know what a snood is.    Here are some fun pictures:




And a modern one with beads:


I decided to make the perky snood (top one) and the pattern is actually free online.  I believe, but you can also check you tube for a complete tutorial of the perky snood.  I think the tutorial was useful because vintage patterns use different terms.  Here is my version, without the navy ribbon that was attached later, and yes, it looks a bit sad without hair in it.


I can’t wait to see a picture of my niece with her snood!





  1. Wat leuk ouderwets!

  2. Where can I get the pattern for the burgundy snood with the beads? It’s beautiful…

  3. Can I also please get the pattern for the burgundy snood? It would be perfect for my renaissance costume!!!



  4. I would like to get the pattern for burgundy snood. Please let me know where to get this pattern.



  5. Hello I would like to know where I can get the pattern to make the burgundy smood.
    Please email me and let me know
    Thank you

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