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Nightstand in rustic brown and soft green

Exactly a year ago  I refinished and repainted this vintage 3-drawer dresser.  I originally wanted to use chalk paint but ended up painting the entire dresser in van buren brown (BM) and rosemary sprig green (also B. Moore).


The colors worked very well for this type dresser and I was pleased with the end result.   I sold it a couple of days later and the purchaser asked me to hang on to the paint because she had another project for me!


She did arrive home safely…(The spot you see is from the lens of my camera..)

Fast forward one year later,  the same customer came over to drop off her nightstand.  A very sweet looking nightstand that also serves as her  jewelry storage.   Since she was happy with the colors of the above mentioned dresser,   I had to paint this piece in the same colors, and the same technique.

It was originally painted off-white,  so I decided to strip the entire piece, sanding was not sufficient enough to take the old paint off.


I always use Citristrip stripping gel.  It works fine and it does not smell extremely bad.  To strip furniture is fairly nasty work, so always use gloves and wear a mask.  Keep your workspace well-ventilated for any fumes.

citristripper nightstand

No, it does not look like much after you strip, but this gives you a clean surface and ready to paint whatever color you want! I usually clean my pieces with a TSP solution and let it air dry for about an hour.  First I filled up the brass handle holes with wood filler.  After that dried, I gave the complete outside one coat of grey primer, and one coat of Zinsser white primer on the drawers.  I finished the outside with two coats of Van Buren brown (Benjamin Moore) in a satin finish.  Van Buren brown is a great shade of brown – it goes very well with grey!  I think it has some grey in it..


I gave the drawers one coat in white latex paint and I mixed up Rosemary Sprig green (BM) and clear glaze (I usually mix 1 part glaze and 3 parts latex).  Gave it two coats and let it dry for about a day or two.    Lightly sanded the drawers for a weathered look.  Here is the end result:

nightstand in van buren brown

The sweet glass knobs were purchased by my customer.

jewelry storage

The inside of the jewelry section was thoroughly cleaned and treated with some Watco Natural Oil.

RRosemary sprig night stand

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  1. Dit is niet te herkennen! Wat een verbetering, heel mooi!

    • Dank je Han! Klant was heel happy, zijn trouwens mooie rustige kleuren.

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