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Tutorial knee-high baby socks

When I had my own boys (more than 20 years ago..) I loved to knit baby things for them.  Even before my eldest son was born I had a few baby sweaters and hats ready for him.   This was such a joy for me!

hand knit baby sweater


Well folks,  I am entering a new stage in my life.  No, no, stay calm,  I am NOT getting my own grand children, but one of my dear girlfriends just became for the third time grand mother!  Isn’t that great?  By the way, she is probably the hippest and the most beautiful “oma” you have ever seen.  Beginning of this month her daughter delivered her third boy.  Well,  months ago I promised to make a baby sweater for the new baby, but unfortunately I did not have the time.  Really,  I have only two hands and I am already painting,  knitting and doing crochet for customers and my blog!    Well, I did the next best thing:  I knitted  her a pair of  knee-high baby socks.

The socks are entirely knit on two needles.

Here is the pattern:

Materials needed:

left over baby or sport yarn in off-white and blue

knitting needles US 4

tapestry needle


Cast on 40 sts. and knit 2.5 inch ribbing (P2, K2)

Continue in stockinette stitch and decrease 2 times 1 st. on both sides ever 14th row (4 sts total decreased);

Continue with 36 sts. until piece measures 6.5 inch.  put 11 sts on both sides on a thread and only knit over 14 sts;

Knit about 1.5 – 2 inch and decrease 2 times 1 st on Both sides of every knit row.  Take remaining 10 sts on thread;

Start knitting with blue yarn;

Take 11 sts on left needle and knit;

Pick up about 10 sts (one stitch every two rows knitted) along Right side of foot flap and knit.  To make this look good pick them up evenly space and knit them tightly.

Take 10 sts of front on left needle and knit;

Pick up about 10 sts along Left side of foot flap and knit;

Take 11 sts on left needle and knit.

Knit 6 rows, decrease on both sides of front flap 1 st. and knit in middle front of sock 2 times 2 sts together (decrease);

Repeat this decrease 3 times in every other row;

Do NOT cast off but sew 2 sides of together in kitchener stitch.  See online instructions if you are not familiar with this stitch.


knee high baby socksf40bea16-7dbb-4e57-8693-d20f763afa9e_zps75a4bf45[1]

Hope you like my knee-high baby socks!


kneehigh baby socks


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  1. Super cute baby socks. Thanks for the pattern

    • You’re welcome Amy! I like to share my patterns, and please let me know if you encounter a mistake in the pattern.

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