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Crochet rectangle granny pillow top

We still have winter weather in Northern Virginia so I try to squeeze in as many knitting and crochet projects as possible.   Besides, I know myself: as soon as the weather turns warmer I  am busy with furniture painting.    Today I like to write a bit about granny squares.   In the 70s we saw lots and lots of Groovy granny squares:

Don’t you think your husband or son would just love to have one of these?

The granny squares have changed..for the better!  First of all we have more variety in yarns and colors, that makes all the difference.  Who wouldn’t want one of these beautiful pillows?

Maybe you have seen the “square” granny squares but next I will give you a tutorial about a rectangle granny square pillow top with only one “square” in the middle.  Do I make sense?  I think when you see the individual pictures you will have no problem. Here we go:


Crochet Needle

Different colors yarn or leftover yarns of same weight.  I used DK weight.


Finished size rectangle granny square 11″ x 6″


1) Ch. 33


2) on Right side 2 dc in 4th ch* ch1, sk 3 chs, 3 dc in next ch* repeat from * until you have 8 groups, in last ch: 3 chs, 3 dcs, 3 chs.


crochet rectangle


3) Cont. on other side: 8x  1 ch, 3 dcs in same ch. as previous round. At the end: 3 chs, 3 dcs, 3 chs, 1 in 3rd ch.

crochet rectangle

4) Turn work over and cont. on Wrong side

crochet rectangle

5) Around corner spaces: ch 1, 3 dcs, 3 chs, 3 dcs;  around other spaces: 1 ch, 3 dcs

6) round 3 to 7 same as round 2.  around corner spaces same as long sides.

In the next picture I am sewing together the four rectangles and one square.  Make sure the last round of your squares are all of the same color.  That color ties all the colors together.

crochet rectangle pillow top

Here is the finished piece!  Just make a regular pillow and carefully hand sew the crocheted piece to the front.  Try it yourself, it is not difficult and it surely gives a cozy “vibe”!

crochet rectangle pillow


pillow top crochet rectangle

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  1. Dit lijkt wel een gehaakte quilt!

    • Nee, het is niet heel groot hoor, het is een kussendekje..heet dat zo?

  2. Beautiful!! Love granny square pillows 🙂
    ali @ Forty before 40

  3. Granny Squares are definitely much better now! Your pillow looks great 🙂

  4. I love seeing this! I spent so much of my youth crocheting. I have taught one of my daughters. I am going to share this with her. I bet she would love it!

  5. Pretty. Thanks for sharing at repurposed ideas weekly. I will have to learn, someday…

  6. Hi, I love this and was wondering if you wanted to join my new Creative Blog Hop? Here is the link for you to check out if you wish..Dolly

    • Thank you very much Dolly. I also became a follower of your blog!

  7. Fun and so vintage!

    • Sad part is..I really remember those granny squares!

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