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Giveaway winner



My giveaway ended February 8.   Right before doing my giveaway I installed a WordPress plug in called “And the winner is”,  so I clicked and Sharon’s name popped up!

Sharon from is the official winner!

I am so happy for her and the gift is already in the  mail.    I actually think my new plug-in has a conscious, because Sharon was one of my first blog followers.  I had written about…uh…..One post!  She believed in me and did not think twice about subscribing.    Thanks Sharon!  And thanks to everybody who placed a comment on my post,  nice and warm  people out there!   I truly enjoyed doing this Giveaway and I promise you I will do the next one soon.  No, I cannot guarantee a kitchen-makeover, but I will giveaway something I made or something I would like to receive myself.

Here is a peek at my current knitting project:

hand knit kitchen cloth


I am knitting some dish cloths, or kitchen cloths.  Very useful and they look and feel wonderful.  It is snowing outside and to me this is a  great time to finish up some knitting projects and I will write a tutorial about this project real soon so you can make one too.

Stay warm and again thanks to everyone who participated in my Giveaway!


  1. Oh thank you so much for your kind words Hetty! I’m always happy to see what’s happening here at Stone House Workshop. And I appreciate all your sweet comments too. Now I’m just tickled pink to be the lucky winner of your generous giveaway. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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