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Yellow side table with chalkboard top

Not long ago I wrote about a yellow side table with a bird image on the top.  Well, for some reason I like to buy in pairs.  I am gemini you see, so I like everything in pairs.  Keeps me happy and in balance.  So I had not one but two oak side tables.  Here is the before picture to refresh your mind:

oak table




















The first yellow table I managed to do some clip art and attach a bird image onto the top see .  Well, that did not work out for the second table.  I find it hard to do exactly the same twice…so I kept the yellow base, added some Valspar glaze in mocha and as a final touch I put some poly for endurance.

The top however I painted chalk board black.  I think I did about 3 coats, I do not work that much with chalk board paint but it just did not seem to look “good” enough after two coats, so I did three.  I think this is also a fun side table and you can write on it whatever you want.  Here is the 2nd yellow side table:


Yellow side table with chalk board top













































Painting in a fun happy color is so much fun!  Try it out, get some nice yellow, or red, start painting…you feel better before you know it.  It is therapy, folks.

I have great tip this week.  I have a magazine subscription to the family Handyman..yep, don’t laugh.  On page 18 is a great tip how to use left over paint.  In case you have left over latex paint (yes, we all have that..) pour all the paint into a large bucket -tan, peach, red, yellow – stir them up all together and the mixture will turn out to be a bluish/grey/tan.  With this mixture paint the walls of your garage, or use this mixture as a primer coat for darker colors.    Not a bad idea, right?


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  1. Goed idee om schoolbordverf te gebruiken voor het blad!

  2. Love your table Very cheerful and pretty plus functional. Thanks for sharing the great tip. Hugs Peggy

    • Thanks Peggy for your kind words! I love receiving feedback from blogger-friends. Much appreciated!

  3. This is the perfect table for our kids games! great idea!!

    • Thanks Laura for your comment! Yes, you are so right, it would be a perfect little table for kids!

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