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White washed look for towel rack and chairs.

This time I like to explain a bit about white washed look furniture.  So super easy, you can almost do it with your eyes closed.  No kidding!  Especially in the month of December we need quick and easy projects,  I have a very easy chair and towel rack make-over for you:

Just get your tired looking Ikea chair (or any other chair) and clean it with a soft cloth.  You could do a light sanding, but I actually skipped this step.   You basically need some left over latex, or chalk paint and dilute this with some water.    I had some antique white chalk paint left over, so I used that:   Paint one coat, let it dry, and start sanding until you like the look.  Give it a layer of clear wax.  Next you get some left over (clean!) drop cloth and cover  the seat.   Here is the finished look:

Here is the towel rack:  (can you tell I like to go to Holland …)

The next project I used a bit of left over grey chalk paint, no diluting with water and less sanding.  Here is the before picture:

And here is the key locker with a bit of paint:


Quick result with a little bit of paint and a bit of your time!


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  1. hetty, that finish is superb! you did a beautiful job!

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