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Faded blue distressed side table

When you paint a lot, like me, you certainly have a few favorite colors.  Among the few colors that are my favorite is Martha Stewart’s salt water.  Luckily I purchased 2 gallon last winter, so I can paint many many pieces in this lovely shade.  It has just enough blue in it and it will look even better when distressed.  Last summer I painted two chairs in this color:

I bought this small mersman table for 10 dollars.  I am just amazed about the price difference of mersman furniture.  It truly ranges from 10 dollars to more than 200 for the same (type) table..  Well, mine had a few issues.  and I decided to paint!

Here is a before picture after some sanding:


I decided NOT to buy any more paint until January 2013.  I have too many cans of paint and I have to (no MUST) try to finish some of them before I get some new paint.  Well, as I said before I have plenty of salt water blue, so this table will be blue.

At first I did my usual sanding,  TSP cleaning and priming.  After all that I gave her 2 coats of white latex, satin finish.  Here is the picture:


After that I mixed 1 part faux glaze with 3 parts latex. With this mixture I painted the table twice (wait until dry before you paint your second coat).  It paint 4 coats total but I am sanding it down and I want to see both colors.  This is how I do it but do not forget: I am no expert!! I just  like the way it distresses.  Here is a table I distressed the same way, I used of course two different colors (white and dark grey):

Let the paint dry for a day or two and get your sanding sponges!  It does require some heavy duty sanding, but the result is great:

I also gave the table 2 coats of rub on polyurethane for endurance.


The table looks like a faded blue jeans, don’t you think?


  1. I love it! It does look like faded blue jeans. Great tip on mixing the glaze with paint. Did you mix a clear glaze, or was it tinted? I never knew the name of this style of furniture either! I come across it often, thanks for the info!

  2. Thank you Karen for your nice comment! I actually always use behr clear glaze and I mix this with the latex. I am happy you like the end result.

  3. Beautiful! It looks like a vintage table now. Love how you transformed it like that. You’re really talented. I admire woman like you who can do crafty arts.

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