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New paint color and embossed molding

The past few days were busy for me.  We are going to have a major renovation in my “stone house”  but in the mean time we will be living some place else.  To make the new house a bit more “ours” we decided to paint.  We used lots of blue and white and grey and after our move I will post some pictures.  Blue is a calming shade, so lets see if it really works!  My bedroom is NOT…I choose a gorgeous warm color:  Orange. Yep, orange!  Not just an every day orange, I choose African Sunset orange from Dutch Boy.    Here is my inspiration picture:


Bedroom Paint Colors Brown


Well, the only place they sell Dutch Boy paint was at Sears hardware, about 30 miles away…Wow, the things you do for the right shade of paint!  I had no time to figure out whether Valspar or Behr had a similar color, I am sure they do.  No time for that I also had to paint my crown molding:

I stained it a dark walnut (Minwax) , used some rub ‘n buff gold wax and put one coat of poly.  Here is the result:

Looks a lot different, right?  I have to say, I did this…really quick!  Our handyman was about to leave and I really wanted him to attach this to the wall and ceiling.  A view of my bedroom wall:


We have lots of natural light and this color makes the room feel warm and sophisticated.  I used the orange on two walls and a very very pale grey on the other walls.


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  3. What is the color you used WITH African Sunset. I also have A.S. in a room and am looking for a complimentary color. One that is tested and WORKS!

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