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A stained oak side table and my own fig tree

Last month a customer asked if I could do something about her small oak side table.  This cute little table was a gift from her mother and unfortunately it had a large dark ring (and some other smaller ones) on the top.   I suggested to paint the table but when I mentioned “paint” I saw her cringe…OK…maybe no painting this time.   This is a before picture with the stripper stuff on it…I forgot to make a before pic.

You see the dark ring?  Well,  am not an expert and it is amazing how many solutions you will find online.  I skipped the mayonnaise treatment (does that really work?) and decided to first try some wood stripper and  some sanding with fine steel wool.  The trick was to remove the ring as careful as possible, without removing the lines in the wood.   Well, it was not easy but I persevered.  I even used some paint thinner and that was the trick.  No, I did not remove ALL of the marks but you know this table is vintage and you have to embrace the flaws.   I used Minwax Blonde Oak and gave it two coats.  I also put a coat of poly for endurance.

Here is the after picture:


Maybe you noticed a large plant in the background of some of my pictures, well, it is actually a very large and beautiful Fig Tree.  The tree has large figs at this time and here are the pictures:

The tree has many visitors, not people,  but birds.    I absolutely love this tree!  It is amazing and right next to my work shop.  Lucky me.

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  1. How fun! I am a huge fig fanatic, and I have a fig tree right outside my office. It isn’t too big yet, and yes, the birds are annoying, but I look forward to the years to come. The table turned out beautifully too. Wow, I would be nervous to do all that, good for you!

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