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Coffee table painted in white high-gloss paint

This particular table I did a few months ago but I never wrote about it in my blog…so here we go:  the request was to paint a solid wood (pine) coffee table in glossy white paint.    Here is a before picture, already cleaned with TSP and sanded:

It is a fairly straightforward procedure, but I will go through the steps as usual:  I always sand my pieces first, then I wipe away the dust with a rag and I wash the piece with TSP.    This will clean the table sufficiently and the primer will adhere to the wood of the table.  The table had some small grooves and nicks, nothing big and I did not use wood filler.  A table with a few dents means it was used and loved.  As always I used my trusty Zinsser primer and I gave it 2 coats.  After the primer I painted the table (2x) Chef’s White from Valspar in high-gloss. I  absolutely love this white and use it a lot.

My own high-tech solution for painting the legs..

Since the paint was a high-gloss paint, I only waxed her as topcoat and did not give her a layer of polyurethane.  Poly is not needed when you use high-gloss paint, it is actually durable enough.  Here is the table now (don’t you love those funky chairs!!)



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