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My own needlework projects throughout the years

I have been  hanging around drinking  ice tea and taking cold showers.  Too darn hot to do any furniture painting I did a bit summer cleaning and I found my earliest knit / crochet items.  Maybe fun to share with you.

The first school I attended in the Netherlands was a bit of an old fashioned school and I learned the basics in crochet and knitting.  My teacher had us knit gloves, hats and shawls in first grade.  To show you what I crocheted in second grade:  a pair of baby mittens!

One is actually a bit larger than the other, but still I think I did a great job!  I already loved needlework and I did not only knitted at school but also at home.  I was a girl who played with dolls..for years!  And I religiously knitted/sewed/crocheted every little doll item I could think of.  Remember, I was only 7 or 8 years old.  Here is a sample:

When I reached puberty I no longer was interested in making doll clothes,  of course, and I continued knitting sweaters and hats for myself.  Here is a sample:

You see, throughout the years needle work was my companion.  Something handmade is most of the time appreciated  and so I gave away a lot.  Most knitters are generous.   When I married and had my babies..more knitting…lovely baby sweaters and booties.


The knit work became more intricate and I started to challenge myself.  I love to do cables, pattern work, different color work.  I am still learning new stitches and new ways to knit.  I like to state in this post that knitting is a valuable craft.  When you know how to knit, or crochet, please teach others.  You will feel great to share this with someone.

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