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Kidney shaped vanity table and chair painted in aqua blue

I purchased a kidney shaped vanity (without chair) at a yard sale last season.  It was in good shape just really dirty and it needed a new coat of paint badly.  Just a cute small vanity table with a whole lot of small nails…deeply embedded…

Well, I did manage to get most of the small nails out, one leg needed a bit wood glue that was all.  Next is the usual:  I sanded the table thoroughly, cleaned it with a TSP solution (watch out for this stuff – wear gloves), and primed it with Zinsser.    By this time I had also found a matching vanity stool.


This stool had layers upon layers of shellac, so it took me a while to get it prepared for painting.

I choose for the vanity and chair a semi-gloss medium aqua blue  (I think everyone has their own name for this color).  I did not distress this time, just liked the fresh painted glossy look.  Sorry for the background here…this is my work area as you may notice…


So far so good, but I did not know how to go from here:  On one hand I like it without a skirt, but it just needed something.  Luckily my sister came over for a visit and she is great with giving advice.  She suggested I make a skirt for this table, a flowy skirt.   At G-street fabrics I actually found fabric in EXACTLY the same shade as the paint.  Amazing!  Well here is the After look:

Antique vanity

Online I found a tutorial  how to make a skirt for a kidney vanity, but I did not like to staple the fabric to the table.  We did not use staples but velcro.  You can take it off easily in case it needs to be washed.    The butterflies were hand sewn to the fabric.

antique vanity

The vanity has a small drawer, I also painted the inside.

antique vanity with skirt



vintage vanity stool





And here is my doily art:





  1. What a sweet little set in a beautiful color! I love the skirt and how clever to use velcro!

  2. SOOOO pretty! love the color, love the fabric, and love the doily artwork above!

  3. Passed by your post and decided to share it on my blog so my followers can see it too. I used the same title, “Kidney shaped vanity table and chair painted in aqua blue Stone House Workshop”

    • thanks for letting me know Marceline. which blog are you sharing it on? If you have any questions regarding this vanity, please let me know.

  4. You have done a terrific job on this vanity set. The chair looks lovely with it.
    I have the same vanity and chair that goes with it. I used it in my growing up years as my vanity table. I am down sizing and would like to sell my set if you know of anyone that may be interested. They could contact me at Thanks candy

  5. adorable! approximately how many yards of fabric do you use? I am looking to do something similar with a flea market find…

  6. Hi
    Did you use a pattern to make this skirting? I have a kidney-shaped vanity table that was my Mother’s that I want to paint with pink milk paint and do a girlie pink flowered mosaic top and chair seat. I can’t seem to find a pattern for this skirt with arms that open, or a vintage one. Any help here? Thanks in advance!

    • Adrienne, I mailed you separately. Thanks for asking.

  7. I would love to get any pattern or directions you had to make the skirt as well.
    Thanks so much

  8. Hello

    Is your table and stool for sale?

  9. Thank you SO much for sharing your creativity.
    May I please have any additional instructions/suggestions re: how to make a table skirt for a kidney-shaped vanity table. I do NOT intend to use the drawer in the table. I will certainly give you credit if I post the end result anywhere on the web.
    I truly appreciate any assistance you are willing to share with me.
    I am a NOVICE when it comes to sewing. I’d like to make a skirt that doesn’t required sewing but if that is not possible, my daughter is a skilled seamstress. I don’t want her to make it, I’d only involve her as a last resort to answer questions. I would like the skirt to be full/”casually” pleated and perhaps jazzed up a little with some trim. I don’t want it to be gaudy. My kidney-shaped vanity table has a glass top cut in the shape of the table top. Thank you so much for ANY help. Best wishes.

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