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Visits from afar and inspirations from nature

It has been a while since my last post but I had guests and was busy.  First my sons came for a 2-week stay, this is their break between spring and summer classes and after that my sister came who lives in Florida.

We spent some time in Washington DC and visited the museums on the Mall and also the Botanic Garden.  The Botanic Garden  is my place of inspiration!

I absolutely love all the smells, shapes and colors and it is a true pleasure to wander through this magical place.

Delicate whites and greens…

How about something wild?

I am almost certain my next project will be “something” in lilac or lavender…

I find my inspiration in nature, no matter where.  I grew up in the “polder”  in the Netherlands which is basically farm land.  One look out of my bedroom window and  I felt peace.   Today I feel blessed to have a view of this farm land right out of my own back window…believe me, that view is probably the most inspirational of all.

Yes, that is my husband there..

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