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Fabulous yard sale finds and a freebie

This is definitely yard sale season.  I see lots of signs every Friday evening and I check Craigslist for the nearest Saturday morning sales with furniture and/or old stuff.  Since I did not do a whole lot (OK nothing) of painting the past two weeks, I like to show you my future projects.. BTW this is how I drive around on Saturday mornings…if you see me, please wave.

The first piece is a lovely little secretary desk that needs some TLC.  I bought this at last Saturday’s yard sale for about 20 dollars. Not bad.  Nothing is broken and it is actually pretty sturdy.

Side board:

Do not ask me how I stuffed this tank in my van.  I had about two inches left between the drivers seat and stirring wheel.  Super heavy and super sturdy but I HAD to have it because I have seen some creative painters out there who changed this ugly sideboard into something spectacular.  I think I like to try the dry brush technique.  We will see.

Next item was my very first FREEBIE.  I was about to drive back home when I saw this lady together with her daughter carrying a beauty to the curb:

It is a vintage vanity that can also be used as a desk (mirror folds down).   It needs minor repairs and some fresh paint of course.

Well, this was my Saturday morning.  I had a great time and my hands are itching..cannot wait to start!




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