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Glossy black side table lightly distressed with candle wax

As a furniture refresher I love to shop at Craigslist.  Who doesn’t want to shop affordable items?  And best of all: you don’t have to drive far!  Besides, you might end up with some really great contacts.  I always search in my city, my neighborhood and  my street.  This next item I bought from someone who lives nearby.   The first item she sold to me was a darling vintage towel rack.


Yes, I painted this one already but I don’t  have an “after” picture yet.  When she found out that I am basically a furniture hoarder she emailed me that she found some more.  This little side table:


Well, I could not resist and bought her.  I immediately was thinking about black semi-gloss Rustoleum Painters Touch.  For a while I wanted to try this paint primarily for the great reviews it receives, and secondly the price is great!  For under 8 dollars you have  a nice quality paint.  There was one problem:  at my Home Depot they only had the glossy kind and flat.  Not the semi-gloss, so I opted for the glossy.  I sanded  and primed her twice.  I still had some Martha Stewart Lagoon so I gave it one coat.


After the paint had dried I used candle wax around the rim of the table, the sides of the legs etc.  Places you can expect some wear.

I painted the table with 2 coats of glossy Rustoleum Painters Touch and after the paint dried thoroughly, I used very fine sandpaper (600 grit) to distress her.  Well, the candle wax works so good, paint around the waxed areas just flakes off easily.  This is the end result, what do you think?  The turquoise knob is from anthropologie.
































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