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Very popular Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Yes, I finally finally bought not 1 but 2 quarts of the famous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!  Wow, the price is a bit steep ($37 per quart) but I am lucky enough that the stockist lives about 5 minutes from where I paint/work!  I bought Antique White and French Linen.  You cannot go wrong with those colors and I actually had the perfect project..



Here she is…my demi-lune table, a bit beat up but I did get her for a very good price.  I thought this would be a perfect table for chalk paint and I thought maybe of staining the top.

Well, the top had lots of problems and after sanding it for a long time it did not look good so I decided to actually paint the top with Benjamin Moore’s Van Buren Brown.  Very nice chocolate-ty color ..a dream to work with!  I did prime the top first with Zinsser..

Well, I painted the legs in antique white. No sanding, no priming, I just slathered the paint on.  It was a bit too thick to get into all the grooves, so I thinned the paint with some plain tap water.  It dries very fast, after the first coat I  had some brush stripes and I recommend painting with those cheap throw-away foam brushes. I never really use those craft foam brushes, but this time  it actually worked for me.

I distressed right after I painted two coats because I wanted a more distressed look.  Please do  this outside because you end up with fine powder everywhere!   They recommend to use clear wax before distressing, so I will try that next time.



Well, what do you think of my first chalk paint project?  You know, without having to sand and prime it saves us so much time!  I actually had so much fun with this table, the same day I painted a jewelry tree in french linen (with white under it).  That is a great combination and I love the end result.



I did not Annie Sloan’s wax yet, but I used the regular Minwax finishing paste.  That worked fine also.

Drum roll:  here is the end result:




  1. thanks for this

  2. Your table turned out beautiful! Did you find that using the foam brushes helped cut down on brush marks? I love chalk paint, but I am not a big fan of the brush marks. I like more of a smooth finish. I tried a roller, but even foam rollers leave a mottled look to the paint. I also tried thin coats and sanding between each coat. It turns out nice, but it’s a lot of work!

  3. Thank you, Hetty!

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